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 Promotional Products

A marketing strategy is never complete without the added exposure that promotional products provide. Choose from nearly a million products that display your brand identity and suit your company’s objectives. From pens to electronics, American Solutions can tailor a promotional program that seamlessly integrates with your marketing campaign. We can help tell your unique story through promotional products that work.  

  • Apparel  
  • Drinkware & Accessories 
  • Writing Instruments 
  • Tech Items 
  • Awards & Incentives 
  • Totes & Bags 
  • Gift Sets 
  • Health & Wellness
  • Eco Friendly, Sustainable Options 
  • Charity Give-back programs
  • Custom Product Development 

                          Promotional Products Work!

Premium Gifts

American provides premium gifts tailored to the corporate marketplace with fresh ideas that are unconventional and creative. Gift trends are ever-changing, and we’ve got our finger on the pulse. Our product mix is designed to pack a punch – aligned with the most prestigious retails brands & styles that are current and on trend, we deliver gift programs that are meaningful and memorable. We procure high end products for incentive programs, destination trips, conferences, virtual meetings, recruiting, welcome kits, employee rewards, and customer loyalty. We create the perfect intersection of fabulous and functional, while remaining within your budget.

Our Core Belief

We are in the business of creating great memories. A product alone is not important as the experience it cultivates. Coupling innovative packaging with thoughtful products, we will help you successfully deliver your message in a way that wows your recipients!

We have full time staff who source products both domestically and globally, so whether you need a blanket from Northern California or Murano glass from Italy, we have you covered.

Meetings & Events

Our goal is to put your mind at ease and lighten your load. Let us make your life easier. Here how we can help with your next meeting or event: 

  • Creative Gift Recommendations
  • On site or online Pop-Ups Boutiques
  • Room Gifts
  • Seasonal Gift Programs
  • Pre-Event Mailing and Fulfillment to Attendees
  • Banners, Table Cloths, Displays, Tents, Podium Covers, and Signage
  • Sourcing of Products and ideas to meet budget, timelines and quality standards
  • Kitting, Packaging and delivery of Event Materials
  • Awards and Medals


Virtual Meetings

In the age of online gatherings, a physical gift or box of swag can help your virtual event stand out above the rest. 

While virtual events might not be able to dazzle attendees in quite the same way as in-person meetings, there is a tried-and-true tradition that can live on in the era of virtual conferences: conference swag. 

A tangible gift or box of swag can help create connection and engagement for any virtual event. They also benefit your company by boosting brand presence when attendees show off their new swag on social media.

Four great ideas to consider for virtual events. 

  • Welcome box
  • Daily gifts  
  • Virtual snack break
  • Raffles or sweepstakes items

Kitting and Fulfillment

Kitting Occasions 

  • Employee Onboarding 
  • Customer Appreciation 
  • Influencer 
  • Client Gifting
  • Store Opening
  • Product Launches 


Selecting the contents and packaging materials of your kit is only part of the process. Getting the kits assembled and shipping them off to their final destinations is where you really need a partner like American. We handle every step of the kitting process from identifying and ordering the packaging and contents to securing the components in our warehouse to assembling and shipping out your kits. Our team will put our expertise to work for you to ensure that your kits arrive in pristine condition at their final destination and make the desired impact for your brand.  

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